In recent years the pet care business has boomed and the reason is no secret. Today 65% of all the American households have at least one pet. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) reports that the pet industry revenue in 2016 to be in excess of $62 billion and growing at over 5%. With owners wanting nothing but the best for their beloved pets, the sales of virtually every product category within the industry like food, training, accessories and toys, and even daycare has been going through the roof.

While there are some very large players in this sector, there are also a lot of smaller businesses both in the cities and the suburbs that deliver an enormous assortment of products and services to doting pet owners. Because of the huge potential of the sector, it can be a very attractive proposition to set up a pet daycare business that can offer services to your local network of friends and neighborhood residents who lead increasingly hectic lives that keep them from taking proper care of their pets. Some practical tips for starting a pet daycare business:

Conduct Detailed Research

Even though the pet care sector, especially the daycare business, is booming nationally, it is not a good idea to initiate any business activity before finding out if indeed there are any prospects for new entrants. A proper survey of the business in your area will not only reveal what you will be coming up against but also the scope of introducing certain services that might give you a competitive edge. Get an idea of the wide range of daycare services that modern facilities offer by visiting Primpplay.com.

Make Business Plan

Once you have determined that there is a healthy potential for establishing a daycare center for dogs, you need to make a proper business plan that will address the most important aspects of the business so that you are able to devise proper solutions to them. One of the most important topics that every good business plan should seek to address is the location of the daycare facility. You may consider setting it up in your home, space permitting, or even rent or purchase a suitable facility outside  Define a mission statement that will specify the purpose of your business and its objectives – you can be surprised as to how difficult this can be if you have not thought the process through. Estimate the costs that you are likely to incur on setting up your daycare center and how you are going to fund them. Not only do you need to assess your infrastructural costs but also you need to include your manpower, operational, and publicity costs.

Make a list of the services that you are going to offer – it is best not to be overambitious in the initial stages and you can keep on adding as the business gathers steam. Also, figure out the business hours, and the rates that you will charge your customers. Remember, as a startup, you rates will need to be competitive but high enough to cover your costs. Last, but definitely not the least, you need to find out what the licensing, zoning and insurance requirements are and comply with them before opening for business. Another important aspect is the name of your business and the design of an appealing logo that will resonate with your target audience.

Have a Vet on Call

When you set up a daycare facility you are making an explicit promise to the owners of the pets that you can be trusted with their safekeeping. However, knowing the very nature of pets, you can be pretty sure that if there’s anything that’s unexpected it is sure to happen. Since a medical emergency can happen at any point in time, you need to have a vet on emergency call or at least a working arrangement with a pet medical facility where you can rush a sick or injured dog for urgent attention. Apart from that, you need to have a comprehensive first aid kit as well as someone well versed in CPR techniques. The American Red Cross provides a lot of resources for training and medical care of pets. Ensure that your facility does not have anything that might prove to be dangerous to dogs


If you are getting into the pet daycare business for the first time, it is advisable to take enough time to understand the finer aspects of the business as well as the expectations of pet owners. If you are unsure of your capability to handle any particular aspect, it is better to be conservative and limit your services to only that you are confident about, and slowly expand the service offerings as and when you are more confident.