Finding yourself locked out of your house, office or car is one of the most frustrating situations in life. Almost everyone faces a lockout situation at some point of their life. A lockout can happen to anyone at home, office or on the road.  There are many reasons one may be locked out of a property. Before you find yourself in the situation of a lockout, follow these tips to prevent a lockout in the first place.

Have a spare key

Always keep a spare key in your purse or wallet or in any other bag that you carry every day. It is better to keep a spare key of your house and car in your purse all the time. In case of a lockout, you can use this key to open the lock and enter your home or car. You can also provide the spare key to a family member, a friend or a reliable person in your neighborhood.

Duplicate your keys

If you don’t have a spare key for a lock, you should get a set of duplicate keys. Having duplicate keys in your home office and car will not prevent a lockout, but they can make it easier to access a spare key in a lockout situation. Keep a set of duplicate keys in your home, office, and car and use them whenever you find yourself in a lockout situation. When you have the duplicate keys, you will not need to call an emergency locksmith in case of a lockout.

Make use of technology

The technology is now smart enough to help you avoid forgetting the keys. There are a number of gadgets and smartphone apps that can remind you of your keys and help you find the lost keys. Use a gadget or smartphone app which can remind you of the keys every time you get out of your home office or car. Some of these gadgets come with a noise alarm or beeper that you can set according to your preference using a smartphone.

Replace the bad locks

Sometimes old locks or even the new locks don’t work well. Some old locks develop problems and they don’t even open with the right key. Such lock may also break the key inside them. In such a case a spare or duplicate key will not work. You will need to call a residential locksmith to open the lock. It is better to replace the bad locks in your home and vehicle to prevent the lockout situations. You never know when such bad locks can cause problems.

Call a locksmith

If everything fails to protect yourself from the lockout situation, you need to call a locksmith. If you are locked out of your car, you should call an automotive locksmith. They are professionals who offer locksmith services for homes, offices and vehicles. In case of a lockout, you should call a professional locksmith agency. Professional locksmiths will be able to show up as soon as possible to get you back in your home or car.

Final words

It is best to follow at least one of the above methods that you can use to protect yourself from the lockout situation. Following these tips will make sure you are not helpless in such situations. Take care of the flaws in our security and create your strategy. However, you always have the option of calling a locksmith service agency. Most of the agencies offer both the residential locksmith and commercial locksmith services.  You should also think of your own methods to protect yourself from the lockout situations. Choose the one which suits you and offers you maximum protection from lockouts.