These days, upwards of ninety percent of real estate clients start their purchase journey online – either through typing search parameters into an aggregator site like Redfin or Trulia or by searching for local listings and agent websites. Developers have responded by creating apps for agents and clients, allowing users to streamline everything from estimating a mortgage payment to shooting a commercial.

2017 is the tenth anniversary of the iphone, which makes it the perfect year to explore some of the exciting new apps on the market for real estate agents. In this post, we’ll show you our top picks.


If you’d like to add video tours and other video content to your website, you can’t go wrong with iMovie. This intuitive, user-friendly interface allows you to shoot, edit, archive, and upload professional-quality video using your phone. Even if you’re just beginning to branch out into video media, iMovie makes it easy to review, edit, and combine video clips into longer segments to promote on your website. You’ll be showing prospective clients around their new neighborhood in no time!


If you’re looking to branch out in a different multimedia dimension, what about digital blueprints? With MagicPlan, you can use your phone or tablet to quickly and easily map out any property. The app then turns that map into a complete floorplan. The finished result is perfect for showing off the spacious interior and elegant flow of one of your listings. This app can also help clients resolve furniture placement, staging and interior design dilemmas, and even remodeling options.


Repairs and remodels are often a part of the real estate process, and it’s crucial to be able to recommend expert professional contractors to your client. Smith was designed to facilitate referrals and partnerships – and expand your professional network. This home remodel app makes it easy to locate and communicate with top-quality contractors in your area. You can customize Smith’s request system based on specific needs. Simply make a list of the remodeling and repair tasks you need, and professionals using the same network will bid on the job. Users are free to choose the contractor who seems like the best fit.


Even with the advent of the internet – and sites like Pinterest that are designed to promote image- and inspiration-sharing – clients may not know how to envision their dream home. You’re eager to help them bring it to life, but you need a way for them to translate their mental image into reality. Houzz to the rescue! This extensive image portfolio app collates more than nine million photos depicting every architectural and interior design detail you could imagine. Best of all, agents can create profiles on the site for free.


IDX is crucial for successful real-estate lead conversion – if visitors can’t search your listings, how can they zero in on their first choice? An IDX-enabled website automatically pulls data from your listings, so that clients can narrow down their search using parameters like square footage and location. Placester is a WordPress-based app at a bargain price point – if you’re a realtor, you can purchase a fully-outfitted IDX website from Placester for just $69 per year.

Real Scout

Speaking of IDX, this app turns search parameters into a springboard for targeted marketing emails! The process is simple: Real Scout hunts through your listings for new entries that match any of up to 400 criteria your leads select; from basics like square footage and number of bedrooms to more esoteric preferences like high ceilings and green energy accoutrements. These listings are automatically sent to clients in an email formatted to look like it came straight from your desk. If you’re looking for a stellar lead-conversion tool, Real Scout is your best bet.

Showing Suite

Showing schedules can be fairly hectic, with real estate agents collecting buyer feedback, email addresses, and phone numbers on the fly. Showing Suite allows users to integrate and automate showing schedules, buyer agent feedback, and correspondence, and any notes, pictures, and videos that you might want to store alongside your listing. Think of this app as a personal secretary for your showing calendar.

Open Home Pro

Coordinating an open house is like planning any other social event, and it can feel like a serious drain on a busy schedule. Open Home Pro is designed to save you time and trouble. It starts with digital sign-in sheets that are easy to integrate with more than a dozen customer relationship manager programs. From there, the program will generate automated seller reports as well as automated email and text messaging to your open house attendees. You won’t have to worry about attendance rosters, Excel spreadsheets, or tedious data entry.

These are just a few of the stellar real-estate-oriented apps on the market this year. Expand your tech tool box, and craft a digital marketing plan that’s uniquely responsive and client-friendly – not to mention convenient for you!


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