Choosing the right career involves factors such as education, growth opportunities, salaries and more. Whether a recent high school graduate entering college or a laid-off worker in career transition, choosing a career is a decision not to be made hastily. While there are numerous fields providing satisfying career paths, some are in more demand than others.

Information Systems Specialist

Those who love computers and solving problems can find promising careers in information systems technology. These careers let people guard against hackers or create and maintain websites. To advance into positions of greater responsibility, additional education is necessary. One of the best programs of study for students is the UAB Masters of Information Systems Management degree. With projected job growth of almost 100% over the next decade and average salaries approaching $75,000 it’s a win-win situation.

Personal Financial Advisors

For those good with numbers and who enjoy helping others, this is an excellent choice. Requiring a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, these jobs are projected to have 128% growth for the next decade. Salaries average $112,000 for those in the top 25% of their field.

Coaches and Scouts

Sports fans who wish they could make a living working for their favorite team may have a chance over the next decade. High schools, colleges and professional teams will all have openings for those wishing to share their expertise with others. Annual pay is somewhat low, averaging close to $30,000. However, job growth is projected to be 130%, so opportunities exist for those sports fans who want to make their passion their career.

Human Resources Specialists

Responsible for recruiting the best talent for organizations, these jobs bring average salaries of $56,000 per year and require a Bachelor’s degree or possibly even an Associate’s degree in some cases. Those with great people skills and who are detail-oriented will thrive in this field.

Massage Therapists

Needing only one year of study at a community college or technical school, these jobs are great for those seeking self-employment or part-time careers. Salaries average $36,000 yearly and provide opportunities to work from home.

Whatever career one chooses, there is a wide variety that can provide not only a stable career for years to come, but much fun and excitement along the way. Young or old, all of these careers are well within reach for those willing to work hard to reach their goals.