Technology is one of the most diverse industries you could work in today and the best part is that it’s only bound to grow as new innovations are made and our world becomes increasingly more digitalized. That being said, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an Apple nerd or love to code. If you’re passionate about tech, there’s a job somewhere out there for you.

Why Work in Tech?

Apart from the awesome salary, a job in tech allows you to work pretty much anywhere you could ever want since virtually every country and city needs someone who works well with computers. There are also plenty of remote work positions that you can take, so if you’re a lover of tech who also happens to be filled with wanderlust, this is the career for you.

Technology careers can be found in nearly every field, so whether you’re interested in health, music, education or something else entirely, learning the skills necessary to secure a tech job will allow you to be an integral part of your favorite industry.

How to Begin

The most popular jobs you’ll find in tech nowadays include web designers, front and back end and full stack web developers and software engineers. In order to be qualified for these jobs, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a master’s in database administration doesn’t hurt, but it isn’t necessary. What employers look for nowadays are qualifications and talent. If you’re able to demonstrate your capabilities through a great portfolio, where and how you learned won’t matter.

That being said, the first step toward turning your love for tech into a lucrative career is choosing a focal point. You’ll need to hone in on a specific area in the tech universe that you can then begin looking further into. Doing so will allow you to understand what types of careers are available, what your future work life would entail and the skills you’ll need in order to land the gig.

So if you’re an Apple aficionado, consider mobile application development. If you’re more of a web guru, then a job as a web developer could be the perfect fit. Or, if you’re really into the nuts and bolts side of things, a career like a JavaScript software engineer or an information security professional could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Get Schooled

Your education in technology will vary depending on your chosen path, but one thing that every future tech employee needs to know is how computers work and how they’re shaping our world. If you are able to earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, your coursework will be taken care of, but if not, don’t fret. There are plenty of online resources like Coursera, edX, Udemy and Codecademy that offer in-depth technology and computer science courses for free, as well as affordable certification options.

Stay Vigilant

In order to succeed as a tech worker, you’ll need to have a passion for learning. This is a field that’s constantly evolving, from hardware advancements to new iterations of programming languages like HTML5 and CSS3. As long as you’re committed to your field and your job, a career in tech is one that will always keep you on your toes and exploring new, exciting opportunities.