Today, Twitter has introduced new layout for profile pages. Now users can upload photos as “header photo“. Also they launched new version of mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. The uploaded photo is also appear across on the mobile apps too. The header photo is similar to Facebook‘s Timeline cover, and sits behind your avatar image. The header photo should be available on the web version today as well.

Twitter is also adding photo streams to its apps. “We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up to make it fast, beautiful and easy to use,” Twitter’s Sung Hu Kim wrote in a Twitter blog post. With this new mobile app now you will be able to scroll through others’ photos. But of all the apps, the iPad app is getting the complete design overhaul. Checkout the screenshot below or visit our new Twitter profile

New Profile Pages Layout

The design change brings the iPad version of Twitter up to date with the iPhone and Android devices. The differences are all aesthetic, but now all three versions are essentially the same. The iPad app expands tweets so you can see photos and web summaries of links inline. Twitter has removed the different panels, however, making the app more like its current phone app.

To update your profile page please visit your Twitter settings page and select design section. Upload your “header photo ” today.