Hello Facebook users!

Facebook is a social media website that is always committed to make its networking site user friendly. The social site has already many features for its commercial and personal users, but it seems the Facebook owner wants to achieve more perfection in its site features. This is what makes Facebook a number social networking websites.

Take a close look into 2 valuable updates from Facebook… which are a perfect blend of happiness and sorrow for users.

Facebook to Remove Ads from Pages with Violence and Sex

This is, of course, not a good news for users who have found Facebook a wonderful source to spread objectionable materials. It’s all because Facebook is soon going to take action against those users who have posted violent or sexual content. At that time Facebook Inc. has cleared that it will pull out ads from the pages containing sexual or violent content. The move has taken by the social networking site after many businesses pulled their ads from Facebook claiming to feature their ads in violent pages.  These companies believe that their ads in violent content may harm their image and decrease their business standards.

So, Facebook is all set to take an extreme action against businesses that sell adult products through Facebook page creation and those users who are posting hate-speech, pornography and any violent content.  If it is really done by Facebook, it could be one of the social networking sites for all age groups.

Facebook Apparently Testing User-Hosted Chat Rooms

It is a good news for all Facebook users who are expecting privacy from the social networking giant. If the report is to be believed, the feature will be known as “Host Chat.” According to TechCrunch, Facebook is testing the feature at its office with the help of a small group of staffs.  Users can set their own chat rooms where their friends can join without any invitation. Users who create a chat room have the right to select users to join a group and can get the users out from the room at any time. The features of a new chat room are not confirmed yet, but it will allow users to maintain some privacy.

According to some techy savvies, the new feature seems similar to the existed chat feature “Facebook Groups.”  These tech savvies are expecting much from the new feature.

These are 2 valuable updates that users of Facebook should keep in mind to enjoy the social networking site services without any interruption.