When you are asked to remember about a person in a party that you have just attended, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The color of the dress, of course! It is a common human psychology. We always tend to remember the color of anything that leaves an appeal in our mind. Hence, the color of your website matters a lot. It is even a deciding factor, whether the users would visit the site and browse through it for long. Color holds equal importance as your structure and navigational design of your site. If you look carefully, everything is related to color- the logo, the background, the buttons and so on.

Color psychology

Every web designer needs to know about the color psychology. It is a fact that colors have the ability to affect human behavior. Though there is a lot of skepticism about this theory, but surveys have found that people create their own thoughts immediately by looking at the color of the product. Hence, success of a product and even a website depends on the usage of the colors.
As per the theory, colors can be mixed to create an alluring element. So, when designers are choosing colors for the design, they need to combine it to create sober and harmonious impact to the eye.

How to implement color psychology?

It is not possible to state any particular color as perfect, so it is better to test several shades before selecting one. You can even study how your website may look, if the background is black or white. The intention is to find out what works best in creating an appeal to the eye of the audience. You can even suggest colors to the designers and coordinate with them, explain them your requirement. Aesthetic appearance is undoubtedly important but if you are inclined to conversions, selecting the right color of your landing pages is crucial. It is better not to use too much of colors as that develop a sense of confusion.
Hence, while choosing the color scheme, try to understand the meaning behind it and then decide the dominant color for the web design. This can be the official color as well.

How to choose colors?

Now, choosing of colors is totally depended upon the nature of the website. It is one of the tricky tasks that web design agency of Philadelphia or of any other place needs to undergo. Each of them has a message to convey and a feeling to express. So, if you are creating a website that specifically is connected to Christmas, red and green colors would be the ideal choice. On another instance, if the website is particularly meant for women, pink and lavender are some of the choices you have. In case, you are designing a website for kids, then go for the bright colors like yellow, red, orange and blue, these signify warmth, friendship, cheerfulness and so on.

How important is the color white?

May be one of the most important color for any designer is white. One must not confuse it with the open space because that can be of any other color as well. But whatever shade you may choose, proper integration of white can enhance the appearance. Even if the blank space in your website is white in color, it must be balanced properly to bring out the essence. So, do not neglect this simple color as it creates a sense of spaciousness and breathability.

How to draw attention of readers?

Web designing goes incomplete without colors but at the same time, if you want attention of the readers, the content has to be rich and attractive as well. It is difficult to control attention. But if you use right colors in a specified area that you think is important, then your readers become aware. Hence, color scheme has the ability to play with viewers thoughts.

Now, whether the website would be designed using two or more colors, rest totally on the designers. You can of course 3 to 4 shades, but implementation is important, otherwise your website would look like a rainbow. Remain consistent with the usage of colors to develop the best design that compliments the personality of the company.