In today’s time, it is very crucial to maintain a minimum level of fitness so that we can be more productive in our professional life and lead a happy life in the personal front as well. There are numerous ways available through which one can maintain fitness, and yoga is definitely one of them. Yoga is really helpful n ensuring fitness and minimizing the chances of injury as well.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous types of yoga practices available, and Yin Yoga is perhaps one of the most widely followed ones. Even though the poses in this kind of yoga may look quite simple and gentle, but once you start practicing it, you will get to know about its challenging nature and amazing benefits as well. This kind of yoga helps in bringing in mobility to the ligaments and joints. Based on grounding practice, the Yin yoga is highly beneficial for the athletes, as it works effectively on the muscles.

Deeper look into yin yoga

When talking about western yoga, most of the students focus on the yang muscles, which are also known as the power muscles. However, in the case of yin yoga, one needs to focus on relaxing the muscles by opting for the right postures. This is a kind of yoga in which the approach is quite a passive one, which helps in working on the connective tissues in the body. This particular aspect significantly enhances the flexibility of our muscles.

It is absolutely true that with the help of Yin Yoga, athletes can bring in stillness in their mind as well as body. This kind of yoga helps in releasing the mental and physical emotions and allows them to rise as well. Hence, it makes the students more capable of handling all sorts of emotions, which in turn bring in a calm state of mind.

It is true that yin yoga can be practiced in a formal class ambience and at home as well. However, it is usually better to seek yoga teacher training under the guidance of experts. It will help you learn the details in a better manner.

  • Reclining Twist- This posture is also known as the Supine Twist and it is quite helpful in restoring the good condition of the abdominal muscles, spine, and back muscles. When performing this yin yoga pose, you need to make sure your shoulders do not get away from the ground.
  • Square- Also known as fire log, this yoga pose helps in stretching the muscles of your outer hips. Since the shins are placed upon each other, therefore you can add more depth to the stretch by folding your legs upward.
  • Saddle- This pose is quite effective in focusing on the hip space and the quadriceps. A lot of athletes perform this pose.
  • Toe Squat- If you are someone who has to remain in the standing position for a lot of time then you must perform this pose.
  • Melting Heart- You can perform this pose right after completing your weight lifting or gym session. It will provide relief to your shoulders and spine.