Used computers these days are a dime a dozen. Almost everyone has a used computer and now old computers are simply lying around just collecting dust, and you know what it’s time to put that computer to use. A lot of people are unaware that a computer that isn’t working just needs a new installation of Windows and a new installation of can easily be achieved by using the CD which came with the computer. Another good idea would be to open the computer up and blow out the innards with a hair dryer to clear out that dirty dust.

Once the computer has been through all this, what’s next? Well you’ll be presented with two options.

  1. You can sell your old computer for money.
  2. You can keep it as a reliable “Going Online” machine, or even gift it to a young or old family member.

How much can you get for your machine?

If you can look at the front sticker that’s all you need to know (For the most part), but without getting to specific I’ll list the following reasonable asking prices.

  1. Pentium III – $40 – $65
  2. Pentium 4/Celeron – $70 – $85
  3. Pentium D – $90 – $115

Keep in mind these prices might adjust due to the amount of memory and hard drive, but the prices wouldn’t really change all that much unless it’s a Pentium III computer due to the ever rising price of its aging and antiquated memory and if you keeping it for an internet machine, it should handle the job quite well. There’s no reason to completely toss a computer away unless it has a serious flaw and one should always consider the possibility of fixing it with a bit of online research.

These computers tend to typically have a long life span which can last for many years. Many computers built in the years of 2005 and before were built with quality and longevity in mind, which is why we still see many in service even today. The best example is a story I heard and it goes like this-

There was this fairly big company which had a good amount of employees, and it had a server room. This server room consisted of one main server which was a Dell Dimension 2600 which had NEVER been turned off. This Dell Dimension was very integral to the company as it answered every single phone call that the company received and thus if this computer would ever turn off, many customers would not be able to make their payments and many potential new clients would be met with silence.

The funny part of this is that the computer could not turn off or we can say that has not turned off… for 5 years. By this time the hard drive had failed and the computer was running on ghost memory and no backup had ever been created. Several people in IT had noticed the issue and impending doom looming over the horizon but upper management had felt that as long as everything was working nothing needed to be done… and nothing ever was.

One fateful day it was decided to upgrade the power infrastructure of the building, and you guessed it… the power had to come off for this to happen. Long story short, the computer went offline, upper management went into panic mode, coders and programmers worked diligently to piece back together the lost program and then everything was back up and running within a couple of days. But this story truly stands as a testament as to how powerful and durable these machines are. Even if not entirely American made these were some good computers made with irons not used in today’s market due to restrictions and red tape. But that’s the way it goes I suppose.
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