Videos have long been a popular way to communicate. And when used as a testimonial, they are especially effective. If you haven’t incorporated video testimonials from happy customers backing your brand, it’s time you start! Digital Sherpa reports that video increases people’s understanding of a product or service by 74 percent, and 50 percent of users watch business-related videos on YouTube at least once a week. Here are a few more reasons why video testimonials are a must.

Personal Connection

When you opt to put text on your website instead of video, you are missing a huge opportunity for your audience to make a human connection with the person providing the testimonial. Unless the person is a celebrity, odds are that the names within testimonials will not resonate with your audience. By capturing testimonials on video, it’s much easier for your viewers to empathize with the narrative and relate to its message. Instead of knowing Frank said “this company is great” they can see Frank smile sincerely as his eyes light up while saying “this company is great.” According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words — that’s because of the innumerable nuances conveyed by body language and facial expressions that accompany a person’s spoken words.

More Legitimate

By appearing in videos, your customers demonstrate confidence in your brand and trust through their message. Your brand is legitimized when you show real people who are willing to put their reputation on the line to speak about the values of your company in a video they know will be public facing.

More Engaging

According to comScore, a leader in web analytics, 194.8 million Americans watched online videos on their desktop computers in January 2015 alone. The reason people enjoy short form online video content is that it’s much more engaging than text. The moving images blend together, human voices share stories, and music adds an emotional element, all while sound effects and motion graphics highlight key points. Video is also more easily shared by people on social media, as a simple link can be copied and pasted to convey a couple minutes of information. It’s also much easier to share a video than a large block of text.

Video on Your Website

By putting video on your website, you’ll help give your brand a more intimate feel to connect with your audience. One key thing to remember is that if you do put videos on your website, keep them short! It’s better to have three one-minute videos than one three-minute video, as the pause in between each clip gives the viewer a short break and gets them engaged with the screen as they click the next play button. Check video testimonials on websites such as LifeLock and Nextiva who do a great job of relaying their customers’ message through video. Lastly, make sure that once you have your video testimonials created, they are easy to access on your website. Have a clearly marked tab on your navigation bar labeled Testimonials, or include the videos within a prominent sidebar.