Staying organized in the warehouse is incredibly important for speed and efficiency. If the layout is messy or confusing, it can be difficult to locate critical items in the blink of an eye. Let’s take a look at how to keep your picking, packing, and shipping processes organized.


Separating items by category is a great way to stay organized. As packages come in, sort them by height, weight, or shape. Other factors could include destination, arrival time, or color. Regardless of the metric you choose, this sort of separation will greatly help when it is time to pick them up. Categories will also help when inspectors arrive at your warehouse and ask to see the floor. They will be able to locate things quickly and ultimately give you a higher score on the assessment. Because inspections lead to certifications and other promotional materials, it is vital that you perform as well as possible.

Preprinted Labels

Preprinting labels is a newer trend that has caught on in many warehouses across the nation. Instead of printing labels when it is time to ship a box, you can create these labels the previous night. This allows you to reference the access code for each package and sort these labels even further. You won’t have to manually label the boxes, which means increased organization between departments. There won’t be any confusion with regards to the destination of the item. Preprinted labels can either be in black and white or color. As long as you match the serial number with the right label, you will be able to track it throughout the process.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are excellent ways to keep your warehouse organized. Instead of cardboard boxes or plastic containers, use these sturdy bins to hold the most important goods. They are lightweight and mobile, which means you can hoist them onto the highest shelves for future retrieval. Companies such as Quantum Storage sell these storage bins for commercial use. When you purchase them, it is best to buy a variety of shapes and sizes. It is incredible how flexible these bins are and how they can organize a warehouse in moments.

Warehouse processes can be tricky to implement in an organized manner. Fortunately, there are tools and resources out there that can transform your warehouse into a business that runs smoothly. When it comes to organization, planning and scheduling are absolutely essential.