When we move, it’s because something is about to change: we have found a place closer to school or work, we have found a more spacious or a cheaper place, we have decided to take a step forward in a relationship… Regardless of how great the changes are and how much easier our lives are going to be, the move itself is usually a messy and stressful affair. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like that if you prepare with great care and in time.

Take your time

Moving is always time-consuming which is why you should prepare in advance and take your time to ensure that things are going smoothly. Make a plan and try to stick to it: get enough boxes, hire a good and reliable moving company, schedule some time off work so you can oversee the actual moving… If you try to do all this over a single weekend you will feel like you’re losing your mind, but if you start preparing in advance you will be able to take care of some things before the trucks arrive to your address, which will make the process much easier.

Ways to Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience 1

Label like a boss

The absolute worst thing that can happen is finding yourself in your new home surrounded by a mountain of boxes, in desperate need of a shower and a cup of coffee, but you can’t remember where you’ve put your towels and toiletries. This is why you should carefully label each and every box you pack and use colorful markers and tape to make sure you know where your things are. Use numbers, stickers, markers, or even wrapping paper to differentiate between the boxes and you will see it’s much easier to find your way around them in your new home.

Pack an ‘essentials box’

This is the box you should pack last and unpack first, and it should contain the essentials: toilet paper, some food and coffee, small tools, shampoo, candles… What is more, each of your family members should pack their own box containing their toiletries, PJs, medicine, electronics, and some clothes. If you know where the ‘essentials’ are, you will not feel pressure or panic, and will be able to finish packing and unpacking with ease. This will allow you to get settled more easily in your new home and function without problems until you unpack all the boxes and start feeling like the new place really is your home.

Ways to Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience 2

Take care of kids and pets

Having your family around to help you out might seem like a good idea at first, but it’s important to remember that children as well as pets can get overly excited and make the moving process much slower and longer than it should be. You will constantly be on your guard and won’t be able to focus on the task ahead. Instead, you could be flexible and arrange for your children and pets to visit your friends or relatives, so you can work and pack without having to worry about them misplacing something or using boxes and tools as toys.

Ways to Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience 3

Divide and conquer

Take a good, hard look at the things you own and divide the pile into several groups: what you need, what you can pick up later, and what you don’t need. You should pack the first pile with great care, you can donate the third pile to someone in need, and as for the second pile, think about it carefully. Decide whether you can afford to move it with you immediately or wait for a while, like many Australians choose to. There is a convenient Melbourne storage you can hire to keep some of your things in a safe place until you pick them up and move them to your new location.

No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to remove all stress from your life, especially when you have to pack all your belongings into boxes and take them to a new place. Be prepared for things not to go according to your plans and try not to lose your patience and nerves. Staying calm and composed will result in your moving experience being more pleasant, and you won’t get a headache every time you think about it.


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