Developing and designing a commercial website is a very specific kind of web design and anyone who is looking to do it the right way needs to understand a few things. This article will hopefully provide web designers and business owners alike with a number of tips on how to design the most functional and attractive commercial website that will fulfill its ultimate goal – turning visitors into shoppers.

Keep the colors under control

Choosing a color palette for any website is never easy, but with a commercial website, this might be a bit easier. First of all, the owner will probably already have a logo that will include certain colors which you will want to use in the design. Also, when designing a commercial website, it is important never to go too crazy with the colors. Keep everything in different shades of one color, two at the most. You want to give the impression of a serious business and not a circus.

Never make it too busy

The first rule of designing a commercial website is that “less is more“. A commercial website should be easy to use and everything should be very visible and clear. In terms of commercial site web design, this means that you will not be cluttering up the pages with unnecessary and time-wasting elements that will do nothing for the visitor or for the website owners themselves. Everything needs to have a clear focus and a complementary design that will not distract the visitor.

Make it as fast as possible

Speed is one of the most pertinent aspects of any website and commercial websites need to be even faster than usually. People who visit such websites are there to save money among other things and they have no intention to wait long for the pages to load and be processed. It is estimated that more than 60% of visitors to commercial websites log off if it takes more than 3 seconds for the main page to load. No commercial website can afford this. When designing such a website, this means that everything unnecessary needs to go. The pictures need to be resized before putting them up and the optimization needs to be done properly.

Think about mobile users

Mobile internet users have overtaken fixed internet users back in 2014 and this is a momentous event when it comes to the design of commercial websites. To put things simply, a commercial website that is not mobile-friendly might as well be offline. Mobile users and mobile online shopping are clearly becoming the most important target market and a site simply needs to be mobile-friendly. It needs to be pointed out that mobile-friendliness is more than just being accessible. Commercial websites need to be specifically designed for mobile devices as well, offering complete functionality.

Allow visitors to communicate with the business

Even though one of the reasons why people shop online is because they do not wish to lose time talking to salespeople, they still need and want to be able to talk to someone if they have any questions. What this means is that a commercial website needs to include ways in which visitors can ask questions. Perhaps this will entail a chat service with someone being available 24/7. In any case, people need to be able to get answers that they need as quickly as possible. Also, allow them to comment on their experiences. If you’ve done everything right, they will only have good things to say.