Over the years start-ups have been getting traction and making it big. Yet some of the ideas are not your ordinary kind and they seem to be working even when they lack trendy business names. Here are a couple of weird ideas for start-ups that have already been successful.  


If you have always wanted to know how to tap this is your big chance. Spitting rhymes and moving the masses with words is the stuff of rappers and for a start-up known as Rapt.fm, it is the business. The start-up offers rap competitions in live video and has over 50,000 users already registered with active users per month over 6,000. It has already received Silicon Valley funding. Created by Erik Torenberg, Rapt.fm started by teaching employee teams how to rap in gigs that raised the company over $30,000 before they became really successful. Rapt.fm does its workshops in various companies in team buildings where the staff need to boost confidence and creativity, including enhancing their leadership skills and ability to present something.

Fashion and 3-dimension printed sunglasses

One of the most relevant topics today is 3D printing. The industry offers a lot of ways to be creative and even come up with something many would think absurd. A company known as Kobrin with printed glasses in 3D wants to change the world of fashion by bringing technology and hand craftsmanship together towards defining products printed in 3D, which are of a higher quality. Kobrin is a brand fully into fashion design and fully focuses on three-dimension printing.

Narrative photo concept

Get Narrative have a camera that anyone can clip on the shirt and snap images per minute across the day. While you might end up with thousands of photos, the idea is weirdly popular. The Swedish start-up is a chance to relive every connection or scene you passed and momentous occasions you shared with friends and family. The Narrative Clop is able to save about 4,000 images and remains charged for up to 48 hours. After its Kickstarter campaign where it raised over $550,000 it has users in over 50 nations. At only $279, you get a gadget with 12 months worth of storage space in the cloud to store all your photos. Both Android and iOS apps work well with the innovation, meaning your images are filtered to only the best images. You can even watch them in a timeline like a movie that allows you to pause and play.

Coal for the fridge

If you thought purifying and refreshing the refrigerator organically without using chemicals was hard, Sort of Coal will surprise you. The Kuro Cube by Sort of Coal will do exactly that leaving your food storage healthy and tidy. The cube is hand made where powdered white charcoal is compressed and activated naturally through controlled processes of burning. The white charcoal already activated then reduces all kinds of odours while absorbing gasses. It leaves behind foods that are fresh in a healthier environment.