Maintenance is a necessity with which no business owner really wants to deal. It’s not only costly, but it can interrupt the operation of your warehouse until it is done. This does not, however, always have to be the case. Below are three ways to keep your warehouse running smoothly during maintenance.

Plan Ahead

You know that maintenance is something that will have to happen in your warehouse. While you certainly can’t plan for every eventuality, you should have a plan in place for each type of maintenance that is likely to happen. When it comes to regular maintenance, make sure that you have specific schedules in place to allow the work to be done in the least disruptive manner possible. For that which can’t be scheduled, draw up emergency plans. While you might never need to use the plans, it’s better to have them than not.

Talk to the Team

Next, make sure you start talking to your workers about what will happen during maintenance. Supervisors need to know exactly what will happen and when so they can communicate with those they supervise. Give your employees time to ask questions so that you can get a better view of how the maintenance will impact your operation. Not only does talking to your team allow you to keep things going, but it may also remind you of those issues which you have forgotten. A little communication can go a very long way when it comes to something as common as maintenance.

Have Backups Ready

Finally, make sure you have backups in place. Investing in something like a backup boiler or an extra power system might seem like a huge cost outlay, but it might help you save a full day of productivity when your main unit goes out. Look for as many ways to provide redundant systems as your budget will allow so losing a single element to maintenance won’t shut down your entire operation. While this isn’t a possibility for every warehouse, having redundant systems can be incredibly helpful for those who can make use of them. If you can’t afford permanent back-ups, you might be able to rent. Companies like Nationwide Boiler can provide a portable industrial boiler on a rental basis that might fit in your budget.

Don’t let maintenance take your warehouse by surprise. Make a plan, tell it to your employees, and keep backups on hand so that your productivity will not falter. Maintenance will naturally throw a few things off at your place of work, but it doesn’t need to ruin everything. It’s up to you to make sure your warehouse keeps running smoothly even when others things start to go wrong.


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