Let us assume that you have done a credible job at driving large number of visitors to your website. It is nice to know, but your job does not necessarily end there. Imagine a situation where visitors landing on your web page, with credit card in their hands and ready to buy product right away but strangely, a vast chunk of them eventually do not convert. Reason? Dig down the details provided by the Analytics and you will come to realize the fact that you are offering any answer to any of the obvious questions that are sure to pop up whenever a person is making a purchase. Like is the seller trusted? What about the refund policy? And many more such questions may pop up in the minds of the customers when they are just about to make the payment. In the world of marketing, we call these questions as ‘magic questions’ and the success and failure of a marketing campaign is invariably associated with how you are answering these questions. Here in this article, we are going to take a look at how we make our marketing campaign leaner and more effective by answering these magic questions –

Tell Me more About These Magic Questions

If you are unsure about what these magic questions are and how you are going to answer them, do not be scared because no one is sure either. Moreover, these magic questions change with the industry types and therefore, you simply cannot copy someone else’s magic questions and pass them as your own as it will add to more confusion.

Say for example, if you are a travel and tour operator, the followings are some magic questions that you need to find answer if you are to see an increasing number of leads –

  • Is your rate include meals?
  • What activities we are supposed to indulge in there?
  • How many people are going?
  • Is it dangerous place for kids?

Now imagine the case of a cell phone buyer. He will have a complete different set of questions. Followings are some of those questions –

  • Are you offering free delivery?
  • Are you offering any discount?
  • What will happen if I do not like the product?
  • Is it going to suit my requirements?

So, now you can how different these questions are and therefore, unless you have proper understanding of your market, you are going to make some gross mistakes that can cripple all your chances of increasing the number of leads.

These questions stem from fear. Yup, ‘fear’. Buyers always fear that they are going to make a bad buying decision and this is what makes them hesitate a lot before making the final decision. It is observed that the higher the price of the product, the greater the fear associated with it. So, you need to be very specific while answering these magic questions so that visitors take decision in favor of you and not the other way around.

How To Find Your Set Of Magic Questions

Welcome to the world of reality. Here, no one is going to help you find the magic questions that your targeted audience is most probably going to ask. So, to make your task a little bit easy, here we are going to give you some headways –


The best way you can gather more inputs about your customers is by asking questions directly. Yes, I am talking about conducting personal interviews with some of your customers to get an idea of their concerns. You can ask them these questions to get an idea –

  • What they like about your website.
  • Is there anything that do not like at all?
  • Should they go to other websites to buy the same product?
  • Is there anything that you can do to make them make better buying decision?

Depending on the answer of these questions, you may reach a conclusion. However, make sure that you are not asking them too many questions because this may test their patience. Be specific and try to note down the areas that need improvements based on the feedbacks of the audience.

When the interview session is over, you can add these questions and their answers in a FAQ section and make the FAQ page prominent so that people click on the link and find answers to all their confusions and make a better buying decision.

Pass the Result to Your Team

When you are done with collecting feedbacks of the targeted audience, you have to pass the feedback to your design and copy writing team. It will help them reshuffle the look and feel of the website in line with the feedback which will eventually go a long way to help you see more leads.

Do A Heatmap Test

This is the best way you can gather detail information as to what your visitors are doing after getting landed on your website. The best part of this test is that it lets you observe your customers in real life and natural environment and therefore, it will help you a lot take right decision when it comes to choose the magic questions that your targeted audience are most likely to ask when they land on your website.