Every online company needs an online presence to thrive in today’s search engine environment, but too many companies are relying on old tactics that are now penalized. These tips will show you what to do so that you can start gaining ground in Google.

No Content

When was your last blog post or social media message? Many SEO books promise a “set-it-and-forget-it” website that will gain traffic without any additional content or time. The truth is that websites need a new article at least on a weekly basis. This tells Google that your website is still alive. Not only that, but most of your customers will associate stagnant posting to a stagnant business.

Bad Content

Most online businesses will pay good money for a design and product, but they try to make their content as cheap as possible. If the articles associated with your website are wrought with spelling mistakes, poor grammar and odd phrasing, then both Google and your customers are going to look down on you. You should also step away from article spinners if you’re using them. Having one good article on a relevant website is better than thousands of terrible articles on shady directories.

Fix Rankings

Google has boosted the effectiveness of business review website like Yelp so that people can easily see reviews of your business. Some business owners try to fix these rankings by fabricating five-star reviews. Users can easily see through this, especially if there is only one five-star rating against a handful of one-star reviews. Tell your audience that you are working on the problems. This gives you an opportunity to post more content, and it shows people that you are working to improve the user and customer experience.

Starting Over

It’s been several months and your website hasn’t gained any significant ground. Many business owners will start over with a new website and domain. This isn’t a good SEO decision. Older domains usually have more authority, but the biggest problem here is that you’ll waste money on a new domain. Stick with your website. Change the design, add more content, check the site map and see if you’re being penalized for any bad SEO decisions. Sticking with a domain is much smarter than starting over whenever it doesn’t work.


SEO is a hot topic, and there is more and more information about it every day. If you are new at this stuff, keep your eyes out for new search engine optimization tips to help improve your skills continuously. Search engines are becoming more human. Instead of worrying about keyword density and the number of links, search engines are now considering the user experience. If you frequently release quality content and expand your website in a timely manner, then you should have no problem gaining more traffic.