Yesterday, 11% of websites affected by Google Panda(Google Farmer) update 2.5. Some popular websites or blogs lost their traffic up to 90% and also their revenue. Then, what is Google panda or Google Farmer.

Google Panda or Google Farmer is a search algorithm introduced and used by Google to improve Internet search results since February 2011. The change aims to lower the rank of low quality sites in search results and return high quality sites to Google’s users. Google stated that, almost 12% of Google search results were affected by Google Panda. Checkout this detailed list of websites published by Sistrix, that were possibly the top losers in this ongoing war between Google and content farms

The Google Search Algorithms

Google changes their search algorithm constantly because, it will never be perfect and also to prevent someone from discovering the magic formula that allows to develop a site for the sole purpose of arriving at the top of the results. Let’s checkout the Google’s major search algorithm update history list below.

No Algorithm name Introduced
1 Fritz Summer 2003
2 Florida November 2003
3 Austin Update Jan 2004
4 The Sandbox May 2005
5 Bourbon October 2005
6 Big Daddy October 2005
7 Supplemental Jan 2007
8 Paid Links October 2007
9 Dewey Update Mar 2008
10 Vince / Brand March 2009
11 May Day May 2010
12 Caffeine June 2010
13 Scraper Filter Jan. 2011
14 Panda February 2011

Differences Between Panda and Previous Algorithms

Human quality testers rated thousands of websites based on trustworthiness, quality of content, design, etc. and also the speed of the website. The Panda, used to look for similarities between websites people found to be low and high quality. Panda takes into account user behavior patterns, gained either through the Google Toolbar or through user behavior at SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Many new ranking factors have been introduced to the Google algorithm as a result, while older ranking factors like PageRank have been downgraded in importance. Google Panda appears to impact an entire site’s ranking, rather than just the individual pages on a site.

The Google Panda updates

Google is running Panda update every four to seven weeks. Check out the full list of Panda update dates below.

No Date of Upadtaion Affected
1 24 Feb 2011 USA only
2 11 April 2011 All English language results
3 10 May 2011
4 16 June 2011
5 23 July 2011
6 12 August 2011 All languages results
7 28 Sept 2011

If your site cought by the Panda then you have to wait for the next update. There is nothing for you to worry about, if your site is providing useful and relevant content to searchers. Always stay on the right track, and everything will be alright.

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