What’s the best screen resolution to use when building a web page? It’s common question that every developers asked once at a time. I’ve asked this question several times myself and also I’ve  discussed with my fellow developers. Most of them said that 1024X768 is the best but others said that, it’s 2013 bro! forget the screen resolution, did you hear about the responsive design?, blah blah blah…

Okay bros, I know we have responsive design techniques and may be we don’t need to care about a standard screen resolution now but if you agree or not, I still believe there is standard resolution to design or develop a web page. Yeah, I do.

So what is that standard resolution?. Oh man, I’ve asked this question again.

Well, I used to develop websites in 1024X768 resolution. But things have changed. There are high resolution screens available in market. Even the small gadgets like mobile-phone has higher resolution screens. So It’s time to re-think.

According to the latest data from StatCounter, 1366×768 screen resolution just surpassed 1024×768 as the most popular screen resolution used by the visitors to StatCounter’s global network of sites. About four years ago, 1024×768 still accounted for almost 42% of all visitors to the roughly three million sites that use StatCounter. Today, that number has fallen to 13.46% and 1366×768 screens now account for 25.34%, up from just 0.68% in Mar 2009.

Check out the usage comparison of 1024X768 and 1366×768 resolutions around the world.



Mar 2009

1024X768 1366×768

Nov 2013

1024X768 1366×768
55.63% 0.26%
22.24% 29.97%
52.78% 0.52%
15.03% 31.32%
31.45% 0.83%
10.21% 23.35%
North America
32.46% 0.94%
14.22% 18.65%
South America
58.71% 0.18%
16.01% 33.97%
27.52% 0.81%
05.16% 24.16%
41.79% 0.68%
25.34% 13.46%

Can you see the increase of usage of 1366X768 resolution. According to Microsoft’s own statistics, only 1.2% of active Windows 7 users currently have screens with resolutions of less than 1024×768 and just under 5% still use 1024×768 screens. Last year, they have decided 1366×768 as the standard resolution for Windows 8′s Metro user interface. So What’s the best screen resolution to use when building a web page?  It’s 1366X768 bro, It’s the most popular screen resolution on  now.

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