Wondering what it takes to succeed in local SEO today? If you are asking yourself this question, congratulations, you are already ahead of the game. This is because local SEO has become more important than it ever has been, and it is only going to become more important in the future.

Google’sPigeon” update places an algorithmic emphasis on local search, but local search is also gaining importance due to the influx of mobile searches.

Local SEO optimized for mobile search is important to search engines and also to your business’ bottom line. The number of mobile searches is increasing, and fifty percent of these mobile searches are conducted by users hoping to find local results. Realizing that mobile search and local search often walk hand in hand will be one of the main ways that businesses will succeed in local SEO today. For example, you can obtain a significant lead over your competitors by simply adding the word “nearby” on to your local keywords.

Another way to get ahead in local SEO is to embrace social media. You will notice that social media profiles for brand names even appear before the company site on SERPs at times. What’s more, it is expected that more social media content will be indexed by search engines, making social media even more imperative to succeed in local SEO Florida.

We know that content is important, but you also need to make sure you are producing a variety of types of content to get ahead in local SEO today. One type of content that can drive serious search engine traffic is videos. It is estimated that sixty two percent of all Google searches are for video. Not only are more people searching for video, but videos enjoy better organic page ranks, up to fifty times better than text content.

In addition to video content and social media content, wikis, local information, maps, news and images drive most Google search results. This suggests that having a lot of relevant information in a variety of formats in one place can be a serious way of improving your ranking. Aggregating content from high authority sources from different places and presenting it on one site is an easy and effective way to build authority and brand awareness.

To succeed in local SEO, you want optimized directories, a website that is responsive for mobile, and a variety of content from different sources and in different formats. We are at the point now where almost everyone is trying to improve their search engine presence, even if it is a local competitor. To stay ahead of the crowd, keep these ideas in mind to build authority and increase the strength of your brand and you will be off to a good start.