We all know about how social media has taken over this era, and not a soul can go two steps without it. Whether you’re a Facebook fanatic, a Twitter bug, or an occasional YouTube blogger, you need to know there are risks you may encounter every time you hit that enter button. If you believe you can post whatever you want thinking its private, think again.

It used to be ‘just for fun’, the whole social networking concept; nothing to be taken seriously. But as time goes on, people have started to understand that the websites have created real life problems. People didn’t realize that whatever they were sharing was giving away very personal information. Pictures/videos having a familiar background or even the actual address was a huge concern. Another concern was evidently talking to a friend of your whereabouts not realizing that anyone would notice. The ones who got alerted on the matter slowed down on sharing as much info on the web. It has become a safety issue for all ages throughout the world.

What Privacy? 1

Because of the awakening of the privacy matter of social networks, the websites wanted to update and “improve” some settings. It really didn’t seem like any update has been done to protect our privacy. But really some of these sites have implemented on how to expose you even more. Such as most mobile phones have an “application” for either Facebook or Twitter, making it easier to access at all times. Also GPS systems have been taking their places in most devices connecting you to those social media sites. Posting everything about everything and all day every day, results in masses of people thinking that this is what’s in.

Teenagers don’t see how updating statuses with the location every 20 minutes is such a big deal. Bloggers on YouTube may take it slightly when they share their children/s on their video. Long story short, social media has made it so everyone feels comfortable sharing personal information because of those supposed “privacy” settings they have you feeling safe you with.

You are your own lookout. No one can make you put up more information that you need to. Have you ever heard that if you have a single doubt about something, you shouldn’t go forward with it? That’s completely true. If you feel at any point you are sharing too much, or that maybe some type of online activity will reflect upon your personal safety, do not contribute to the social media. Take a stand and protect your privacy!

Another way to protect your privacy is by doing a free people search. Protect yourself online, in your neighborhood or even from coworkers.