The best thing about future is that it is unavoidable. Even better if it is the future which looks bright and promising, such is the case with gadgets we are using on a daily basis. In this article, we will cover several of those which are predetermined to make quite the impact on our future life.

The wonder of sound

We firmly believe that there is no person on Earth who had not felt the stress about tangled headphones or earbuds. Newly developed gadget from Bragi called “Dash” is still in Kickstarter phase, but it had gathered enough funds so that we may expect mass producing soon. In addition, those wireless and waterproof earbuds will have the ability to locally store music, track your vital signs and yet to remain perfectly in place. No more pulling out wires from your backpack.

Laser watch

We will admit that putting this item on the list was only because it was too cool to avoid it. Powered by lithium-polymer battery, this watch is able to produce about 1500 milliwatt strength beam. Its creator, Partick Priebe says that the main inspiration was the movie from James Bond cycle, “Never say never again”. About fifty hours of work was needed to create this wonder, and still, it does not have any specific purpose, but we can say that cutting the ice during fishing in winter months can look quite different.

Transparent screen

Yet another thing coming straight from science fiction movies, transparent touchscreen is quite possible to be introduced soon. Based on nanotechnology, it will work the same way as the ordinary touchscreens are working, but with slight different of being completely bio-degradable; a feature which will only add up a voice “pro” this technology going into mainstream. First thing which crossed our mind is to have it on a window in your car, thus enabling 3D navigation and web-browsing if you are riding the shotgun.

Your PC at the speed of light

Hard disks as one of the vital parts of each computer were first to receive an upgrade, in a form of ssd hard drive. This appliance lifted up the speed of data transfer to pretty impressive 400 MB per second, but science did not stop there. Next in line were processors, so newly introduced “Skyscraper” approach gives the opportunity to create processor which is around 1.000 times more efficient than those available today. Again, with the help of nanotechnology, stacking one processor upon another will reduce it in size, but it will increase in power. This was not possible so far, due to the fact that extremely high temperatures are needed for creating a processor, meaning that adding up another on the existing one, will destroy the base.

Wearable tech

Apple, Sony and other smartphone producing giants had already went deep into this field, but all of those devices pale in comparison to Cicret. A bracelet which projects the screen of your phone to your arm will make us feel so futuristic and awesome. Imagine that you are holding just your hand on your ear and talking over the phone. Currently it has preorder status, and is expected to hit the shelves in 2016.

So, to summarize all, technology will not stop in its tracks. It will not go back, it can only move forward. For the past decade it had created a pattern of leaps and huge steps, and we are surely hope that it will stay that way.