Among various forms of fitness exercises and training, Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on the development and strengthening of inner energy and power within. It has a great resemblance with another popular form of fitness exercise known as Yoga; however, in Pilate, it is body flexibility, the balance of body and postures, which are mainly stressed upon.

In Pilates, a lot of discipline, proper body line during exercise is maintained and all with a well-defined poise, which ensures that there are lower scopes of injuries. If you are one of those who are pounding upon the thought of whether to start Pilates or not, you must understand that this form of fitness exercise is based on mind and body connection. Being relaxed, connecting with every action of body and mind, relating between them is important. Similarly, there are a lot more interesting facts which you must know before starting a Pilates class.

Prepare For Pilates Classes With These In Mind:


Pick Up Some Grippy Gloves and Socks

In Pilates you don’t wear shoes in practice or training sessions; either you can stay barefoot or wear socks and gloves. However, not just any socks, there are gloves and socks available in the market with dots on the soles, which enhances the friction level and grip with the rubber dots especially designed.

  • Resists slipping with adequate traction and grip.
  • Even while you sweat the rubber grips helps you to stay in position.
  • It offers a strong grip even while normally practicing, helps you to stay in place, focus on muscles.

Don’t Expect a Mat in Every Class

There are many movements and basic exercises in Pilates which are on the mat, but if you are enrolling for a Pilate’s reformer class, you will not need to lie on the mat, rather all the moves are practiced on the reformer machine. This machine is designed for Pilates practice, where the machine moves on a track that allows you to go back and forth.

Choose Right Clothing

In Pilates it is all focused on body postures, right positions and with tight and well-fitted clothing’s your body alignment is visible, allowing your instructor to guide you best. Apart from those fitting clothes will enable you to move comfortably without any backbiting worries of creeping, false positioning of dress, etc while practicing. Right kind of clothing helps you to be comfortable in your learning process altogether, bag in the best advice and guidance from an instructor who can understand your body movements exactly.

Resistance and Springs Together

At the beginning of a Pilates class, the machines and their operations might seem all new, but as your instructor will slowly illustrate their uses and functioning, you will get to understand the role of the springs. In Pilates, when you develop and strengthen your muscle strength and activity, you need to work out with resistance at every level. The springs in the machines resemble the resistance.

Traditionally every level of resistance is marked with colored springs, with yellow being the lightest resistance, followed by Blue with medium level and red being the optimum level of resistance. As a beginner, it is quite evident that you can expect to start from yellow springs, and as your expertise in every level, the challenges will become higher wi9th addition of springs.

Therefore, in Pilates expect to engage the less common muscles of your body, like your wrists. While you will engage all your body muscles, you might feel the stress on your wrists ahead of any other muscle in your body. Thus, it is best to go slow and listen to your instructor to obtain best results.

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