Security is critical for any business. You need to be actively looking for your vulnerabilities and taking steps to resolve any that are found. This means looking at both your physical and digital security. You cannot leave any area open to criminals. Here is what you can do to protect your business and address vulnerabilities.

Use Multiple Verification Methods for Access Control

Start by using multiple verification methods for access control to both computer systems and the physical office itself. This might mean requiring a biometric identification card and a key code to open important doors. It could also mean using hardware keys along with passwords or fingerprints to log into computer networks. These multiple methods will make it harder for anyone to harm your business.

Install the Right Software for Auditing and Systems Governance

The best way to address the vulnerabilities of your business is with auditing, monitoring and systems governance software. You want a platform that allows you to integrate your systems and create a highly secure environment that can be monitored. You also want to run security audits regularly to see if new vulnerabilities have appeared.

Have a Monitored Security System Watching All Key Areas

You should have a monitored security system watching all important areas like server rooms, records rooms and entryways. The system should have cameras and possibly motion detectors. These systems will keep your business protected 24 hours every day.

Change All Passwords Frequently Using Random Generation Programs

A final step is to change passwords and codes frequently using random generation programs. Use a program that creates a long and randomized string of alphanumeric characters and symbols to choose passwords. Change them once every 30 to 60 days on all systems. Do the same for key codes allowing access to doors or locked cabinets.

Your business is likely to have many vulnerabilities early on. You need to stop and search out any possible outlet where a criminal could strike. This has to include computer systems, offices and even areas that only employees can access. Taking these steps will help to protect your business and seal up vulnerabilities.

Informational credit to Stealthbits.