There are marketing strategies used in political campaigning which can also be used in business marketing. Successful political campaigners create simple and memorable slogans, get lots of free publicity, expand their target audience, and hire right people.

Simple and Memorable Slogans

Even to this day, Barack Obama’s slogan “Yes We Can” is remembered. During this year’s presidential primaries, Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” became well-known around the country and abroad. In fact, Trump borrowed this slogan from Ronald Reagan’s campaign back in the 1980s.

The slogan needs to be simple and short, yet memorable. Saying “Make America Great Again” attracts many listeners who think the United States is falling behind. Some Americans didn’t even recover from the Great Recession, so now Trump sounds like someone who can turn things around. A memorable slogan from a commercial campaign is Nike’s “Let’s Do It.” Lines like this are simple, powerful, and easy to remember. And slogan needs to represent the essence of your business. It also needs to be repeated over and over. Some companies, like Strategic Campaign Group, know that live telephone calls are another effective way to reach large amounts of potential voters and supporters. If, for example, you’re a Facebook fan of Donald Trump, you’ll notice that at the end of most messages posted, Trump pastes his campaign slogan. Whether you like him or not, there’s no doubt he leads the Republican primaries.

Get lots of Free Publicity

Not all the politicians who spend the most money get the most votes. Here, Trump again is an example. As a player from outside the Republican establishment, he created lots of friction that attracted media attention. And media attention means free publicity. In addition, properly using social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter can bring lots of publicity for your company. Back in 2008, Barack Obama outperformed the other candidates with superior social media strategies. What’s important here is to be original to get attention.

Expand Your Target Audience

Every politician has his or her base, which consists of loyal voters. On the other hand, there are people who will never vote for a particular person or political party. But, there’s the middle- the undecided voters. By convincing these people, the political campaigns are won. This principle can be applied to your business. Most businesses market to their niche, and avoid certain groups. For example, if you’re selling motorcycles, you probably would not market to 80-year-old grandmas. But, young men aren’t the only people who ride motorcycles. There can be other groups, such as middle-aged people who might be interested.

Hire the Right People

Your team will make the difference. Seek to hire the best people you can. They will bring energy, intelligence, and creativity to your marketing campaigns. The top politicians got there by having great people to support them on the way up. Hire mediocre people and you’ll get mediocre results.

Finally, you should try to avoid negative publicity. It may hurt your business down the line. Trump, for example, got lots of publicity from his controversial comments. There may undo him down the line.