For Android Users the long awaited and highly anticipated Whatsapp video calling feature has finally arrived. Whatsapp owned by the popular social networking site Facebook has started giving out the highly expected video calling feature to android users. However currently  only android beta testers have the latest update available.

This feature was made available for Windows phone last week.

To make this video calling feature to work, the user must simply press the Call button and select between “voice” and “video ” calling options. Users also have the option to change between rear and front camera. Also available is the option to “mute a call”. When a call has been missed, the user will be notified. The user only has to touch the menu/facility on the mobile screen to make a call back .

However the iOS users will have to wait as the company has not revealed any info about the availability of the video calling feature for their platform.

Another update from Whatsapp for iOS and Android users has recently been launched. The update brings the main aspects of Snapchat and Instagram to Whatsapp.

Similar to Snapchat and Instagram,this update allows users to draw and add emojis to an image or video and also doodle on images and videos present in their smartphone’s gallery/library.

Whatsapp version for IOS update allows group admins to send an invitation to other people to join a group. Simply by pressing the “Group Invite link” in the group info section this action is performed. Front facing flash and zoom options for video are supported by the Android version while the version for iOS change log does not refer these features as of yet. From the app store this updated app can be downloaded.