Any Android tablet hitting the market is competing not just with other devices using variants of that operating system, but also with the Apple iPad. The latter is viewed by many gaming fans as the best tablet, because Apple’s App Store offers the best selection of different game types, including role playing and strategy games. This is not always the case, as most of the mobile casino websites have tailored their poker, slots and other casino game apps for both systems. A highly tipped new Android tablet like the Google Nexus 10 still has some ground to make up.

In fact this latest model in the Nexus range actually bests the iPad in several areas. To start with the rubber bodywork proves to be one of the real bonuses as it makes gripping the device while playing games that take longer (poker or RPGs and strategy games for instance) a lot easier and more comfortable. It also gives gamers the best screen, in terms of both size and image resolution of any tablet around.

At 10.05 inches you will struggle to find many bigger screens unless you game on a computer, while the resolution of 2560 x 1600 offers spectacular levels of image clarity – hugely important as everything from action games to poker gets more visually dynamic and detailed. The pixel density is 300-ppi, superior to the 264-ppi available with the iPad, so the visual superiority of this model is unquestionable.

The Nexus 10 also beats the iPad in terms of price, with the 32GB internal storage model coming cheaper than either the 32 or 16GB iPad ones – almost a hundred pounds cheaper than the former. What this means is that the Nexus 10 represents the jackpot in gaming terms for those tablet gamers who aren’t operating in the high roller leagues when it comes to budget – even if you can’t use it with the App Store. If you would like to try some of the games like poker, slots or blackjack, head over to www.luckynuggetcasino.com/au/online-blackjack. With internet access you can enjoy these games not just from your tablets but from mobile phones as well.