With all the talk about Internet TV and companies tossing different channels out into the mobile wind daily, it’s hard to find out who has the better device. Google, Apple, and Ubuntu have all produced great products, but which one is better overall?

The genre of television is one section that has not been covered by these three names. The companies are known for their successes in phone, Internet, and computers; but how do these companies compare in Internet television?

Google TV


Google is a well known search engine, but it is also a popular way to watch Internet TV. Google is very closely linked with YouTube, which is a great source for viewing shows and listening to music. Not only can one watch their favorite shows with Google TV, they also have a full browser for searching.

Google TV also has a wide variety of applications from popular channels like CNBC and Nascar, along with well known companies such as Pandora and Netflix. These apps allow users to browse through their favorites with a very well designed search engine that brings up a variety of viewing options (these include YouTube, HBO, and even Netflix).

One of the best features of Google TV is the ability to use a Smartphone as a remote while watching Internet TV. This system is compatible with select Sony TVs and also can also be used as a Wi-Fi add-on for HDTVs. What a better way to watch YouTube than on a big HDTV?

Ubuntu TV


A great company in the making, Ubuntu has the same basic concept of both Google TV and Apple TV. The ability to stream shows on-line to be viewed on either a PC or a television is a great way to keep customers happy.

A wide array of search engines to find the perfect show is the way to keep customers coming back. While they aren’t well known just let, they do have a large foot in the doorway of Internet TV, and with the right sponsor, Ubuntu will give both Apple TV and Google TV a run for their money.

Apple TV


The developers at Apple have not let us down in the area of Internet TV. Being an Apple based product, Apple TV can sync with any iDevice and iTunes so the user can watch them on their own television. Anything that has been purchased in the iTunes store; be it music, videos, photos, or games, they can all be played from the Apple TV box.

Another great feature is called “AirPlay Mirroring“: this allows Apple users to continue watching shows or movies from their iDevice to the Apple TV. A great feature for users who enjoy watching shows from their iDevices, because they can now go from the tiny screen to a regular sized TV.

Of the three, Google stands up to the heat due to its popularity of having a name brand search engine. Apple TV, however, is an Apple product, and offers plenty of opportunities to keep their Apple customers happy.

Ubuntu TV, while the concept is there, the company doesn’t have much sponsoring to help back it up. There is plenty of promise for Ubuntu however, so Google TV and Apple TV should keep an eye on them.

The end result depends primarily on personal opinions. Apple TV will be worshiped by Apple users, while Google TV will always have its Google search engine fans. Ubuntu is still in its baby stages, and as soon as more money is thrown into the mix, Ubuntu has a lot of work to do to make their name known and get it out there.