The once-forgotten functional space in the home is back on the radar and ready to make a big impression. Bathrooms are making a comeback and today’s homeowners are embracing that by turning their spaces into a showpiece that is also functional. Through the years, different areas of the home have been highlighted as being the most important to homeowners. Right now, bathrooms are in the spotlight. How did they get there?

The Last Great Refuge

In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t have a lot of time to get away. Therefore, it’s becoming popular to turn homes into sanctuaries, of a sort, where people can relax and unwind right in the comfort of their own home. From huge soaking spa tubs to expensive-looking walk-in showers, there are so many great upgrades that can make a big impression without a huge investment.

Bathroom Renovations are Expensive

The average low-end bathroom remodel has an average cost of around $20,000. High-end renovations with luxurious furnishings can easily cost over $62,000 or more. That’s a lot of money to spend on a bathroom. Therefore, if the work is already done, buyers will be more likely to pay a little more for your property. You might not get the return that you expected, but you will get much more interest.

An Unexpected Statement

The ways that people are building and renovating bathrooms today has come as a surprise to many. This one simple room has so much potential once you look past the function of the space. You can even add art, window treatments, and a table with a lamp to create an inviting, inspired space that is anything but dull.

New Products and Fixtures

What was once a forgotten, barely-functional space is now becoming a part of the home and daily life. With some new fixtures on the market like the floating vanity, it can be easy to free up some floor space and give people the illusion that the room is slightly bigger than it is. New fixtures aren’t terribly expensive and they can make a big impression.

Bathrooms are in right now, and homeowners can’t afford to overlook theirs. Whether you’re selling or just upgrading to increase your home’s value, the bathroom is definitely the place to start. This is more than just a place to use the facilities. The modern residential bathroom is designed much more like a spa or additional living space in the home, which is what makes it such a showstopper for many buyers.