According to one report, almost one million new malware threats are released every day. Malicious malware attacks are getting worse as hackers attempt to obtain a new standard of virtual currency: personal data and information. Therefore, keeping your business secure with the best IT support should be a top priority.

IT Benefits

Most employees take the IT department for granted, but they provide critical support and functions. Specifically, they provide access and knowledge management for key systems and processes. All businesses depend on software programs that run smoothly without any down time. IT also support plays a critical role in problem solving, data collection and customer service. In the end, IT professionals help the company reach their strategic business goals through providing the right skills, support and technology framework for success.

Cost Efficiency

The IT department actually can significantly influence cash flow and the budget. That is, the IT department is tasked with continual software and hardware upgrades for mobile phones, computers and networks. Therefore, their decisions can either save or waste money. Ideally, the IT department will actually be able to save money through purchasing energy efficient models, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Because of this, many companies actually save more money through outsourcing the whole IT department to a professional IT service company.

Virtual Risks

Cyber-crime is becoming more sophisticated than ever before. For example, hackers are becoming much more selective about their targets and may focus on long-term spying as opposed to sudden data breach. Digital extortion involves stealing files and then demanding a ransom in exchange for the decryption key. Professional looking emails regarding internal software updates are now at risk for being deceptive phishing scams.

Financial Risks

Malicious cyber-attacks are expensive. That is, research from a leading security software company shows that large companies risk up to two million dollars in damage from targeted attacks. Financial losses come in the form of data breaches, business disruptions and legal fees. Companies that lose personal and sensitive information will suffer financially, but lose the public’s trust.

Integrated Services

External IT service companies are typically able to provide cost-effective, bundled IT services. IT services in Ottawa include anti-spam, anti-malware, firewall and desktop support services. In addition to this, more and more companies are outsourcing their actual server and administration support services to external companies with networking professionals. The best benefit of outsourcing to a third-party is better cost and performance management with the potential to improve operational efficiency.

In the end, having the best IT support is vital for the success of any business. IT support offers excellent, cost-saving benefits and protects the company from virtual and financial risks. An external IT support company save money while offering enhanced security and support.