One of the most crucial things to run a successful business is to value your customers. Hence, Customer satisfaction should be the prime focus. To make interactions with your company an enjoyable experience for your customers and make them return, you need to value their voice and opinions and refrain from using automated response. As per NM Incite research, 71 % of customers who received positive customer care online recommended others to use the brand, while only 19% of those customers that didn’t experience a positive response recommended the brand.  Thus showing that responding to customer genuinely is a must to gain more loyalty

Customer feedback is a guiding source which keeps you informed and influences your decision roadmap. It is the backbone of a successful business.  So it should be dealt with care and importance as it is essential for improving customer satisfaction. It helps in measuring satisfaction levels and can lead to improvement in product or service quality. If you smartly respond to feedbacks and not rely on automated responses, you can find some loyal and free of cost advocates for your brand. By using a tool like uReview.me, you can retain existing customers and find potential customers to build up your base.

So you should not leave an automated response to customer feedback online as it may result in dissatisfied customers. Here are some reasons why customer feedback shouldn’t be automated:

Every customer and their feedback is different:

Different customers have different feedbacks since each customer is different from the other. To satisfy your customer, you need to modify your responses according to their feedback. It is not possible through automation. It usually frustrates customers when they come across generalized automotive replies.  Each customer has a different nature and a different query. Thus your organization needs to deal with them sensitively and individually rather than handing them with a one for all automated response. Secondly, most customers usually prefer “one-on-one” experience which technology cannot provide.

Customers need acknowledgment: Customers take out time to write feedback. Even if it is a positive one, they desire to be valued and answered back. They have taken out time for you and now require you to take out time for them. So instead of handing them automated responses, an organization should thank them and give them individual attention. Unlike 96 % of customers, these customers used their energy and time to provide you with feedback regardless of it being positive or negative. So they hope to be valued, and they should be as without valuing their opinions, a business wouldn’t be able to retain customer nor can it improve itself.

Customers are advocates:

Satisfied and happy customers don’t just create a business, they expand it as well. You treat them well, and they will become your advocates. You will have free of cost advertising done for you through them. One positive and caring response from the business can buy the loyalty of a customer who will bring in many others. So send personalized replies, tailored as per customer requirements. It will lead to happy customers spreading the positive word about your product or service on their social network. It will act as an unbiased recommendation for your brand which will create an avalanche of new customers.

Every feedback is critical:

Each feedback contains a different message for the business. If a company deals with responses on one to one basis, it can discover the requirements and queries of each customer and be able to solve them on a timely basis. The feedbacks contain the opinions of the customer which are crucial for strategic decisions. If these are handled automatically, many of the useful feedbacks may never reach the right people who can make good use of it.

Positive and Personalized Feedback response creates value: For the customers their experience while interacting with an organization is essential. If they have a positive experience, they will turn into loyal customers adding value to the business through repeat purchases. For them to have a good experience, you need to respond to their feedback with genuine care and a personal touch. To make them feel valued a one-to-one connection is necessary. It indirectly adds value to your business as providing positive and personalized feedback indicates to customers that their opinions matter to the business and the company will incorporate them into its actions.