Marketing a business which only has the brick and mortar existence cost thousands of dollars. You may have to hire an agency for that which will create a TVC or rent out some billboards for that which would cost you a lot. That is why for more effective and much affordable means of marketing, having a website for your business is the best idea.

Not just promoting a site is enough. When you have to market any website then you cannot ignore the on-page factors of your website. The list that makes effects on the marketing and promotional activities of your website are long but the point on which you should emphasize most is the hosting of your website because this is where the things start.

The dependency of every promotional activity of your website on the web hosting is true. It is the job of the online web hosting services providing companies to keep your website up and running even in the times when you get the most visitors. To discuss this topic in depth, I am writing this article in which you will find the factors that make website advertising depends on its hosting service.

Guarantee of Uptime:

What is the point of making all the efforts in promoting your website and driving the traffic to it if it is not loading properly? According to different surveys, an internet user only waits three or four seconds for complete loading process of the website. This is one of the most important things which you should keep in mind while buying a hosting service. That is why while deciding any hosting service, keep the uptime on your priority.

Why your Website Advertising Depends on the Perfect Web Host 1

Website Security:

The world has witnessed more cyber-attacks after 2010 than it ever had before. That is why while establishing a business entirely on the internet and website you cannot ignore the security of your website. Having a website on the internet means that you are putting your company’s data on the line which if not secured then it is vulnerable to all the online threats. Furthermore, in case of any attack, your customer’s credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses and other alike things also which are not for public sharing. From the marketing perspective, if something unfortunate happens with your website, the reputation of your website will turn straight into ashes which will be catastrophic for your business.


Every business owner wants his business to grow to the new heights every year. But it is important that with your business, your website also grows. This often happens with the e-commerce websites in the days of festivals like Christmas and New Year. In such times when websites experience more visitors than usual, then you need to have a hosting which can scale with your needs. That is why, to enjoy the outcomes of all your advertisement, you have to get the hosting service which allows you to change your plans without charging any exit or contract cancellation fee as per the need of your website’s requirement.

External Support:

One of the most important aspects of hiring a quality hosting service is to get the support an external team which is expert in handling the hosting. Due to numerous website hosting service providing companies in the market, asking a question like this have become imperative. You should only go for a company which has its own team which can look after any hassle or problem that usually comes in the hosting business. If you do not ask for it, then following issues may occur.

  • The irresponsive landing page of any ad content you run on any platform.
  • Unidentified errors while clicking on any button.
  • Slow loading speed that cost most of the users to bounce back from the website which is not good for the search engine ranking of your website.
  • Website not found option while searching on the internet.

If you find any of these problems with your website, then instead of generating a complain ticket on the hosting provider website or complaining through emails and newsletter, just calling the team of that hosting service providing company will suffice.

Why your Website Advertising Depends on the Perfect Web Host 2

Automatic Content Backups:

The package you would be buying for the hosting includes the automatic backups of your data. This backup is very critical for you to keep all the data of your website secure. In case if any firewall falls or any due to any reason your website got corrupt or hacked by anyone, then this backup helps you in getting all your things restarted. This is important from the marketing point of view to keep your website in the original form even after any mishap. This builds the trust of the visitor and also shows your website’s authority which counts a lot in online purchasing and selling.


As I started with the importance of a website for the online business, every aspect of your website is related to everything you want to convey to your customers. All the marketing efforts a website owner makes are just to drive traffic to your website which can only sustain if your website is not up to the standards of generating sales.