WordPress and Joomla which is better? [INFOGRAPHIC]


We all know WordPress and Joomla are the two greatest blogging or CMS platforms on the Internet. While there are many other CMSs that do a fantastic job for certain purposes and people with certain levels of technical know-how, WordPress and Joomla! emerged as the two that have made the most impact worldwide.

Joomla and WordPress which is better?

I’ve used both Joomla and WordPress but I love WordPress more that’s why because as a developer and designer it’s very easy to customize than any other CMS platforms. For many, the decision of which CMS to use ends up being a brawl between WordPress and Joomla! To help you with your decision, Red Giant Design Studio team has created this nifty infographic which highlights some of the more pertinent points involved in the decision. Let’s find out which is better.


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