When you have a content based website, creating it using WordPress is the most intelligent thing to do. It’s not only easy to create a website with WordPress but managing the content becomes equally easy. But, creating and managing the website is not the be all and end all of the world, right! You need to make sure that the search engine rankings of the website are such that the website tops the chart with relevant keywords. How can you make sure that the website is well optimized to gain good rankings? Here are a few WordPress plugins that will make it easy for you to deliver good search engine rankings.

WordPress SEO


This is a splendid plugin designed specifically for SEO by Yoast. This is the same developer who has also created the Google Analytics’ plugin for WordPress. Ideally you should install both these plugins and activate them on your WordPress site. This would help you indulge in good search engine rankings. This plugin should be made mandatory for those bothered with search engine rankings. It is as necessary as WordPress itself.

Simple URLs

This is another search engine optimization based plugin for WordPress development. With this plugin, you can track all the outbound links to your website and stop the ones you really don’t wish for. You just need to add Disallow:/go/ in the robots.txt file in your WordPress. It will prevent all authorities to pass from the link. In case you own a few affiliate sites on your website, you can track the conversion rate happening because of these affiliates using this plugin. It will also record the number of purchases happening on your site because of the affiliates.

RB Internal Links

This plugin helps with the internal linking that might occur in your WordPress development. This plugin tool has not been updated for nearly two years yet it is one of the most useful tools. This plugin allows you to link internally using the post ID instead of the URL. This helps in updating the post URL dynamically instead of doing so manually. So, your site will never really face the Error 404 issue. In fact, with this dynamic internal linking your visitor will never land on pages that don’t exist in reality.

NextGen Gallery and Lightbox Plus


These are two plugins but they work together towards a perfect WordPress development. With the lightbox plugin, you can be assured that your site performance would be enhanced without affecting the on page SEO. Lightbox is an option inside NextGen which you will have to tick if you wish to use it. Ideally it is highly recommended from SEO point of view. NextGen is the plugin for image management on your WordPress website. This will help you define the image title, tags etc. which are important for optimization. You can even customize or add templates that you wish for using this plugin and it will always welcome this step.

Widget Logic


Designed especially for devices other than PCs. This plugin helps decide which content should be at which side of the website. Of course, this plugin necessarily derives knowledge of PHP, at least basic to be able to use it freely.



There are some default users that every WordPress has. But, what if your WordPress development deals with more than just the default user? With this plugin you can always edit the existing user roles while adding on more user roles as per your need. This plugin has easy to use widgets and shortcodes at your disposal.

W3Total Cache


This is a caching plugin which will ensure enhanced performance of your website. When you are involved with WordPress development, the major thing you are concerned with is the way your site will perform. This plugin will deal with caching your disk, browser, spamming comments etc. Basically it will remove all those elements that will slow down your website while dealing with enhanced performance. SEO also performs well and the rankings go high when your site performs fine. This is one of the best caching plugins.