Aside from whether the role is the right fit, one of the next things employees look for in a job is nice perks. Businesses need to take stock of the perks employees want and then see about implementing them to attract the best talent. Here are three extra benefits that almost assuredly will make your office a better place to work.

Free Or Discounted Products Or Services

This is a major perk to anyone working for a company that produces products or services they actually use. It’s not uncommon for skilled, passionate workers in a field to want to work at a company that provides them discounts on products or services they already use and enjoy. For example, employees at a vet clinic might get free exams. For a pet lover who wants to work with animals, this is a benefit that will save them some serious cash on their animals’ health bills. Get a feel for what kind of perks your employees want and your company can provide, and then take steps to do so. Many businesses even partner with other companies to build a network of benefits that can be shared by all of the employees.

Provide Drinks

No, probably not the alcoholic kind, but providing things like coffee, bottled water, soda or other drinks is a perk many employees love. It’s often pretty easy to buy these drinks in bulk from a company like 11th Street Coffee for a significant discount, too, so it shouldn’t end up costing your company too much money. Besides, providing coffee will help wake your employees up in the morning so they’ll be more alert and productive throughout the day. It’s hard for a business to go wrong with that.

Allowing Remote Work

Allowing remote work isn’t just a great perk for your employees – it can also save your business significant money. When employees aren’t in the building, you don’t have to have lights on or air conditioning up very high. Employees love it too – they get to spend more time at home with their families and don’t have to tangle with the daily commute. With most regular office work able to be done remotely thanks to technology, this can be a very attractive option for your business.

Perks aren’t usually a deal-breaker when it comes to talented employees accepting a job, but they do help attract and retain the best people. Your business can even offer particular perks that are targeted specifically to the kinds of employees you want to attract, so you are more likely to get exactly the right people for your team. Offer the best perks and they will come to you and want to stay for a long time.