Litigation is the process where a person, business or entity enters a lawsuit, no matter if they are filing the lawsuit or responding to it. More closely, litigation is the series of steps one can take in order to resolve the matter, either through a negotiating toward a settlement or going to court. One of the important aspects of litigation is litigation support. It is a process of consulting and providing a lawyer with all the necessary information for the trial. This includes case preparation, document review, and talking to all the witnesses. Still, there is much more to litigation support. Make sure you keep reading to find out more.

How Does the Process Start?

Similarly to all the other support services, litigation support helps a lawyer focus on the primary aspect of the case. The process of litigation support starts with a group of consultants talking to the party that has filed the case or the party that is being sued. Preliminary data are used as a starting point, and the team of consultants then moves on by identifying all the previous legal actions that can be relevant for the given case. They are also supposed to research the status of current laws that may be connected to the case. Consultants then document all the information they have managed to find and prepare it to be used on the trial.

Who Takes Part in It?

People who are parts of litigation support teams are always professionals who have been trained in both research and criminal science. When hiring employees who are going to be a part of litigation support teams, companies are always looking for people with ability to go through all the information that might be relevant and extract only the data that will help the lawyer during the trial. This includes either gathering all the information that support the case which has been filed, or collecting data that opposing counsel can use to undermine the case that has been filed. If you decide to work with a litigation support team, rest assured you will always be working with the experts in the field.

How is It Charged?

You can never spend too much when it comes to winning your case in court. Hiring a litigation support team will always increase your chances of winning the trial and therefore you should never be afraid to spend money on hiring one. With most of the litigation support teams, services are charged at flat hourly rates. Still, there are usually after hour additional rates you will have to take care of as well. Lastly, chances are the team that is working on the case will have to spend money on some other expenses related to the case, such as airfare or other travel expenses. All of these are usually billed to your lawyer who then passes the charges to you.

When Does the Process End?

It’s also important to mention that this process does not necessarily end with case being won or lost. If the case is lost, the team is not going to stop working on collecting the information that is relevant to it. They will always work together with your lawyer in order to come up with new factors that can be brought up and allow you to log an appeal. If you are filing a case for your business, you can always contact experts specialized in forensic accounting in order to make sure that you have all the necessary information to help you win the case. If the case is won, the litigation support team and your lawyer will help you go through the process of collecting the damages that have been awarded to you.

Getting litigation support is always a good thing to do when you are about to appear in court. Any piece of information the team manages to gather will be of great importance and can help you win the case.