We are shutting down – It’s not you, It’s me

Today I have sad news to share. After more than seven years of service, I have decided to shut down LineshJose.com for good and 31st December 2017 will be LineshJose.com’s last day.  LineshJose.com is not a failure, it’s still making profit, then why I shutting down a profitable blog?

The answer is Time.  I have started LineshJose.com as my personal blog to share my ideas, wisdom, etc… but few months later it became successful(not huge) tech-blog and I was unemployed and I had a lots of time to focus and maintain LineshJose.com. But 2 years later I got a full-time job then I lost my interest in blogging and I stopped writing. Today I have no time to maintain and focus on LineshJose.com’s future. So I was thinking about it several time in last few months and now it is time to move on. so It’s not you, It’s me. 

Now LineshJose.com has more than 80 guest bloggers and 5000+ email subscribers and 1000+ articles and thank you all for give the great support for LineshJose.com over the years.

We had great 7 years.

Linesh Jose


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